Hello 👋 — I'm Alaa (he/him), a hands-on design thinker based in Seattle via New York, Stockholm, Montréal and Casablanca. Through holistic design and collaboration, I turn ideas into meaningful experiences people love.

As a wearer of many hats, my experience includes: founding companies; leading teams and fostering creative culture; researching and forecasting trends; visioning concepts; strategizing and growing brands; creative and art direction; designing interfaces; building prototypes; shipping and scaling digital products; shooting and directing films; hosting and DJ-ing events; mentorship and coaching; public speaking; and supporting artists and non-profit organizations. I continue to challenge myself, to always innovate, and am on a life-long pursuit to try new things. I am perpetually curious and committed to the belief that anything is possible.

If you would like to connect or simply want to chat about the internet, feel free to slide into my DMs, or reach me via email. Thanks for stopping by! ✌